About the Artist

Paintings: When I first began studying Art I absolutely loathed modern art, in fact I wrote an entire essay talking about all the reasons I hated it. My Tutor despaired at my stubborn refusal to try anything new or engage in anything outside my creative comfort zone. Things continued in this manner for many months until, whilst writing yet another scathing review, I stumbled across Howard Hodgkin. It was the first time I had ever felt sucker punched by a piece. All of a sudden something clicked and I just ‘got it’, his work was bold, the movement was strong, the lines forceful; it was emotion on a canvas. It didn’t need to have some hidden meaning or try and portray something; I could take from it whatever I wanted and come away feeling a connection.

My work has developed over time but it continues to be about capturing an emotion or feeling rather than a literal image. I can be inspired by an image, some wallpaper, a colour, shape or experience and my paintings will always work around this initial finding. My work is created from a wide variety of materials from cast off house paint to wrapping paper filched under the pretence of clearing up. I try to keep my work sustainable and use pre-loved items rather than buying new.

Illustration: I have always loved illustrating and particularly enjoy working on commissions; seeing peoples faces when they finally see the end result is hugely rewarding! I have a focus on diversity and ensuring images reflect the world we live in.

As a person I talk too much, love to people-watch and find calm in organisation and stationary. I also blog about mental health, a cause I am passionate about and something which is supported and maintained by creativity.